What Our Customers Say


Ursula Grobler of Be Sharp Beetles

AdminOnline has changed the way I do business, before I had no time for myself or time with my children and I had to spend hours enrolling and invoicing  parents. Now since AdminOnline came into my life I can enjoy being a Mom to my children and have some free time to myself.

Enrolling of parents used to be a long process, with AdminOnline it has now become easier,  because the parents can enroll their children directly on the system  with all the required information being captured.

Invoicing parent’s used to be a very long painful process, but now it happens monthly without me having to do a  thing, I just preset the date to which I would like my client’s to be invoiced, and it happens automatically.

Communication with may parents has improved and able to do so anywhere at anytime with the System. I can group the parents or if I only want to mail a  specific group of parents, it’s simple by the push of a button or I can mail all the parents at once.

Before AdminOnline it was a struggle to find the things I was looking for. But now with AdminOnline, it is so user friendly that even my 10 year old son can even work the system.

AdminOnline also guides new parents through registration, telling them what to do, making my life easier and saving me time,  now I can focus more on my Passion of working with children in my Business.


Mos Maja of BestMark Stokvel

We are a stokvel investor club and we use Jalia Technologies’s .Pay IT System to collect contributions from stokvel members.

It was indeed a good decision for us to migrate from using conventional method where members were depositing directly into the stokvel bank account.
This way we are able to see monies coming through much quicker/sooner than first having our signatories going to the bank for statements and account queries.


Thabo Mutapane of Faund

Less human error, less time wasted on admin, less theft and lesser payroll.

More time to pursue other important things, easy sms communication with clients and most importantly I PAY ONLY WHAT I USE!


Thuli Mthethwa of MeMeZa

Jalia Technologies was appointed as the MeMeZa software supplier in August 2013.

What started as an idea on a one page document was transformed into a 60 page specification document, marking the future of Community Safety in South Africa, the MeMeZa Home Social Alarm, a first in Community Safety.

Through their experienced inputs they navigated MeMeZa in designing a comprehensive and flexible system that achieved our business goals.
Jalia not only delivered as expected but went more than the extra mile by assisting MeMeZa succeed in their business model . Thanks to Jalia Technologies, the launch of the Alarm made headlines on media, dubbed by media as ‘Gauteng’s Social responsive Safety Alarm’.

MeMeZa would recommend Jalia to anyone and testify that Jalia is a company that delivers.


Vanessa Botes – Kidi-Sportz Centurion

Before AdminOnline, I was doing all my admin on Excel, Word and using emails and Whatsapp groups to communicate with clients

I was doing everything manually, which consumed a great amount of my time. Knowing that the systems I was using would not be sustainable if my business grew…

With AdminOnline, I now have a system that does everything in one and I can now communicate with parents, do bookkeeping, manage payments, manage my calendar and so much more, on one system and save time. I believe that no matter how the business grows, it will be easy to manage and sustain with AdminOnline.


Tiaan Booysen of BreakPoint Tennis Academy

I started off using Office spreadsheets to keep track of all my client’s data and to create statements and invoices for clients.

As the business grew, it became more time consuming to have everything done correctly and on time, and whilst on top of my studies for a Chartered Accountant. Then I was introduced to AdminOnline.

Now my statements and invoices go out every time on time, and it is quick and easy to follow up on outstanding accounts or even assist a query with a client or make the odd journal entry. AdminOnline truly saves me a lot of time and is very cost effective. Now the worry about my business admin is a thing of the past.


Zerelde Uys of Kaleidoprax

I approached Henkie Maritz to advise me on upgrades to our current management system and assessment programme, hoping to engage him and his very capable team in re-programming a completely new system.

Henkie took the time to first understand our needs, listen out the challenges and then provided us with excellent advice – which was not a new development. He rather helped us understand best options to improve, and consulted the process to select a suitable service provider offering a content management system solution.

I am most appreciative of Henkie’s ability to do strategic evaluation and consult practical solutions.