Our Vision

Jalia Technologies is a vibrant and dynamic IT company whose vision is to empower businesses and communities to realise opportunities and reach their full potential.

Our Mission

The mission of Jalia Technologies is to be known for its reputation as being above reproach in the marketplace. We aim to be known for our values of trust, reliability, transparency, and excellence.

By using our products, companies ensure the advancement of their business. In working with our customers, we uphold their needs as our very own.

Company Facts


February 2012

BBBEE Status

Level 4 BBBEE Contributor and 50% Black Owned



IT Experience

82 man years collective experience since 1995

Type of IT Project Experience

Private and public sector, enterprise scale mission critical as well as small/medium scale projects

Office Address

1277 Mike Crawford Avenue, Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa

Founders and Directors

Ntobeko Wakaba and Henkie Maritz

Contact Us

012 683 8893 or

Our IT Experience

Name Client Description
Spoornet Operating Control System (1995 – 1997, 2000 – 2001) Spoornet The 24X7 operating and control system for the Spoornet Sentrarand marshalling yard
Call data record management system (1998 – 1999) Telkom Call data record management system to mediate call records from the switches to the billing system.
Mediation system (1999) Siemens Germany Network data record mediation system.
SDGDIS (2000) Department of Labour Skills Development Grants Disbursement Information System for the Department of Labour
Custos (2001) Group 4 Securicor Prison Management Information System for the Bloemfontein Maximum Security Prison
Online media system (2001-2002) HAL Interactive Media Online system where media agencies can buy and manage a campaign’s media (Radio, magazine) space.
Enrolment application (2002) Destiny Health Online member enrolment application for health insurance
BrokerQuiz (2002) Destiny Health Online broker assessment application
Paediatric information system (2004) Universitas Hospital Information system for paediatric unit at Universitas Hospital, Bloemfontein
eNaTIS (2002 – 2010) Department of Transport South Africa’s National Traffic Information System development
SWIFT Payment Gateway Development (2006) Rand Merchant Bank Validation and routing of SWIFT messages for multiple systems
Money Market Dematerialisation Implementation (2006) Rand Merchant Bank Implementation of Money Market Dematerialisation on Calypso trading platform
Implementation of Interest Rate Derivative (IRD) Instruments (2006 – 2010) – technical Rand Merchant Rand Merchant Bank Front to back implementation of IRD instruments on Calypso – technical
Front to Back Implementation of Forex Trading (2008 – 2013) Rand Merchant Bank Front to back migration of forex dealing to Calypso – technical
Deep Level Performance Optimisation of Forex Position Keeping (2012 – 2013) Rand Merchant Bank Calypso mid tier optimisation
Trading Platform Integration into downstream systems (2004 – 2013) Rand Merchant Bank Integration into bank-wide accounting, risk, and regulatory reporting systems.
MeMeZa Community Home Alarm (2013 – 2014) MeMeZa The full MeMeZa Community Home Alarm back end server, distribution channel and administration.
Faund (2014) Faund The mobile listing site as well as back office administration site.

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