Contracting and Projects

Jalia delivers world class software projects as well as contracting and consulting services that add value. We’re very confident that we’ll deliver the best value for money. We are focused on adding value to your business and nothing less. Jalia’s consulting team has a wide variety and depth of experience in the ICT industry. It is the extensive experience and character references of our consultants that give us the edge.


Business and Systems Analysis

Jalia Technologies provides business and system analysis as part of its software projects offering. Our experience in IT projects empowers us to provide the ever so important analysis to your company. Our research has shown that the lack of appropriate business and system analysis remains the number one reason why IT projects fail. Our business and technology team members meet with the leaders of an organisation to formulate an effective ICT strategy. This allows the organisation to maximize its return on investment in its ICT assets.


Project Management

Our extensive experience in ICT project management gives us a competitive edge. We are able to manage and deliver all areas of the system development lifecycle. Our experience spans methodologies from the highly structured Rational Unified Process to agile methodologies such as Scrum. Projects managed range from small systems to very large-scale mission critical systems.

Software Architecture and Development

Jalia Technologies is able to design and deliver a solution to suit the customer’s needs, and fit in with existing systems to realise the best value for money. Jalia Technologies in particular has very deep Java specialist skills, from consumers facing web applications to large-scale highly available enterprise systems.


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