Business Software Solutions

Corporate and enterprise-level companies will benefit from our wide-ranging software systems experience. The Jalia team is seasoned in delivering world class software projects. Our track record speaks for itself, and the extensive experience and character references of our consultants gives us the edge.

Business and Systems Analysis

Our research has shown that the lack of appropriate business and system analysis remains the number one reason why software projects fail. We have mastered the art of creating and mapping practical software solutions through professional analysis of the business and its challenges.

Software Architecture and Development

Jalia is able to design and deliver a solution to suit the customer’s needs, and fit in with existing systems to realise the best value for money. We have deep Java architecture and development skills.


Integrating Systems

Corporates today face complex challenges to have the various systems work together to create a single business offering. We are seasoned in integrating enterprise systems.

Create Software as a Service (SaaS) Products

AdminOnline is our first highly successful SaaS product developed for small businesses. We can create your business' SaaS product.


AdminOnline is an affordable and easy to use system that assists over 350 small business owners with invoicing, communication and administration.

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