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Harmony Gold (Since 2018)

Jalia created an end to end system called CCMS for Harmony Gold and other Gold mining companies. CCMS is a biometric enabled paperless system to fast track occupational lung disease (OLD) claims.

MeMeZa (Since 2013)

Jalia created the backend system for the MeMeZa home policing alarm. The alarm connects houses to the patrolling SAPS vehicle. Jalia journeyed with MeMeZa from a 1 page concept to design, implementation, pilot and operationalisation.

AdminOnline (Since 2013)

AdminOnline was created by Jalia to help small businesses streamline their admin, finance and communication.

eNaTIS (2017 to 2018)

Jalia provided software consulting services to the eNaTIS (National Traffic Information System) development team.

Andele Solutions (2016 to 2019)

Jalia provided technical services to Andile Solutions in the area of Capital Markets technology and development to corporates like SARB, Standard Bank and Discovery Bank.


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